Dr. Nic Empowerment Speaker, Teacher, Coach

Dr. Nic helps, our next generation, especially older teens with learning disabilities develop soft skills that increase self-motivation, enhance communication, and strengthen social interaction so they may see, own, and achieve their dreams.

Write Your Best Story™ - From Labels to Liberation

Ensure your youth has a definite plan for post-secondary education and/or the workforce that fits their gifts, talents, and personality.

Help your youth be better equipped with the soft skills need to build constructive working relationships with others in order to have success in work and life.

Learning disabilities that stem from neurologically-based processing problems can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and/or math. Students with these “hidden disabilities” can subsequently develop self-esteem difficulties that reduce social interaction, limit communication skills, and decrease self-confidence. The lack of development of these soft skills impact academic success and workforce development.

Through Dr. Nic’s from Labels to Liberation Program, older teens with learning disabilities at will develop skills needed to build relationships, gain visibility, and create more opportunities for advancement in their lives. This program focuses on 3 areas:

Career Development

Students will become independent learners in order to measure how prepared they are to reach their dreams and provide effective tools to assess their gifts, personality, and career fit in order to increase their chances to see their dreams come true.



Personal Growth

Students will be provided practical tools to help them grow and develop themselves personally so they become confident in who they are with increase self-esteem in order to reach their full potential.



Leadership Development

Students will how to increase communication and interpersonal skills so they become better leaders of themselves and others.


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